After having one of my online accounts hacked, I realized I needed to keep better track of the places that are storing my personal information.  So I decided to start closing down unused online accounts.  This is often a long, frustrating process, so I’m sharing with you the procedures that worked for me.  First up on my list is

To cancel your Apple ID Account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Support” in the main navigation.
  3. Click on the “iTunes” logo just below the main navigation.
  4. Click on “Account & Billing” in the left hand navigation.
  5. Scroll down to “Account Security” and click on “Get account support with Express Lane”
  6. Check the “Managing or editing iTunes Store account” radio button, and click continue.
  7. Do not sign in on the next page.  Click “Continue (without signing in)”
  8. Enter your name, email address, and apple id, then click “Chat Now”
  9. You must stay on top of this chat session!  If you take too long to respond they will disconnect you and you will have to start completely over.  You will need to provide some information to identify yourself.  This includes one of the following:
    • The order number of one of your purchases
    • The last four digits of the credit card used for your iTunes Store account
    • The answer to one of your security questions

    And at least two of the following:

    • Your birth date
    • The billing address listed on the account
    • The phone number on the account
  10. Explain to the representative that you would like to completely delete/cancel/close your account.  If you have iTunes purchases they will warn you that closing your account will cause you to lose these, so they will try to suggest disabling your account but still allowing you to login for playback.  Assure them you don’t care about the songs, and you want to proceed with the account closure.  Depending on the representative, they may tell you that it is impossible to close an account.  Just be firm that you want to close it and politely insist that it be done.  Expect to spend 20-30 minutes in chat, and remember, do not walk away or you’ll have to start from the beginning.
  11. It may be the case that you have multiple accounts tied to your e-mail address (somehow I did) so you may want to ask them to check your address for additional accounts.  If this is the case, you will need to provide even more information to identify yourself.